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Skeptical Inquirer USA Magazine

Frequency: 6 issues per year Periodicity: Bi Monthly Origin: United States of America Published by: Skeptical Inquirer
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Category: Nature, Science & Technology
Title: Skeptical Inquirer USA Magazine
Issues per year: 6
Periodicity: Bi Monthly
Origin: United States of America
Language: English
Publisher: Skeptical Inquirer
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About Skeptical Inquirer USA Magazine

Skeptical Inquirer is a science magazine that explores the latest paranormal and pseudoscience claims through science and reason. From UFOs and urban legends, to psychics and conspiracy theories, Skeptical Inquirer is the source for finding real answers to unbelievable claims.

Skeptical Inquirer is the official journal of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, which prides itself on critical scientific evaluation against extraordinary claims. From quackery to fear-founded theories, Skeptical Inquirer is there to analyze all manner of controversy so that reason and logic may prevail. Using science-backed, critical evaluations, Skeptical Inquirer takes on matters of the paranormal, fringe-science, conspiracy theories and any unreasonable beliefs. This magazine is the place to find informed, unbiased discussion of a wide array of relevant issues.

In addition to news, quality articles, in-depth investigations and book reviews, readers can follow a variety of regular columns from renowned and respected professionals and experts. Regular sections include "Investigative Files" by Joe Nickell, "Notes on a Strange World" by Massimo Polidoro, "Thinking About Science" by Massimo Pigluicci, "Psychic Vibrations" by Robert Scheaffer, and reader-driven "The Skeptical Inquiree" by Benjamin Radford. Readers will also find Yale neurologist Steven Novella's "The New Science of Medicine" column and "ScienceWatch" from contributing editor Kenneth W. Krause.

Skeptical Inquirer is the perfect magazine for the naturally skeptical reader seeking reason and science-based answers to the world's mysteries and theories.

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