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The Nation USA Magazine

Frequency: 17 issues per year Periodicity: seventeen Origin: United States of America Published by: The Nation
One Year - Print Edition 17 issues
USD 25.00
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Category: Business & Finance, Hotels & Hospitality
Title: The Nation USA Magazine
Issues per year: 17
Periodicity: seventeen
Origin: United States of America
Language: English
Publisher: The Nation
Estimated Delivery: Four to Eight Weeks

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About The Nation USA Magazine

The Nation is a political magazine that provides weekly news and commentary about American politics from the left and progressive side.

Since the first issue was published in 1865, The Nation has become one of the leading magazine voices for the left and progressive sides of the American political arena. Each issue is filled with widely-read and highly-valued political opinion that enlightens and empowers concerned citizens on the left, and provides influential knowledge regarding current issues in national politics.

Each issue of magazine is divided into the following popular sections: "Politics," "World," "Economy," "Culture," "Society," "Environment," and "Take Action." These sections highlight current events and topics that may be of interest to left-wing and progressive readers. From news about Congress and the U.S. government to societal and cultural issues and world news, The Nation is a magazine for people who consider themselves political-minded.

Anyone who enjoys staying up-to-date on current political and world issues as talked about from the left and progressive perspective would benefit from a subscription to The Nation!

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